DIY Fall Crafts Perfect for Thanksgiving

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The holiday season seems to get longer every year, but don’t forget that between Halloween and Christmas we have Thanksgiving, and that it requires its own set of fall harvest themed decorations!


  • Scissors/Exacto knife or a Cricut Machine
  • Stiff fabric in desired colors – we used Cricut’s faux suede Rustic Sampler pack $15 ea.
  • DAP RapidFuse
  • Wreath form
  • Yarn
  • Fabric cut to the length needed for your table runner – ours was 3’ long


1. Print off this sheet and cut out the top and bottom leaf patterns. Lay your stencil leaves on your
stiff fabric (we used Cricut’s Faux Suede Rustic Sampler fabric) and trace around your leaves using a
pen or marker (this step can be ignored if you have a Cricut machine, which can easily do all the
cutting for you). Place them fairly close together to make the best use of your fabric. Depending on
the size of your runner/wreath, you will probably need to cut leaves out of two entire Rustic Sampler
packs of Cricut Faux Suede. Use a scissors and exacto knife to cut out your leaf shapes.

2. Once all your leaves are cut out, use RapidFuse to glue the top leaf shapes to bottom leaf
shapes. Experiment with what color combinations you like best.

3. Use RapidFuse to glue your yarn to the wreath form. Start by wrapping the end of your yarn
around a push pin, and pinning it directly to your wreath form to hold the tail in place on the back
of the wreath. Next, squeeze a small bead of glue along the top and both sides of the wreath form,
and carefully wind your yarn around it. Keep adding beads of glue as you work your way around the
wreath form. If any RapidFuse gets on your hands, it can be removed using finger nail polish remover.
*Note: RapidFuse dries white, so if your yarn is a dark color, the dried glue may show. We suggest
using light colored yarn for this project.

4. Pair up different leaf combinations and glue together until you have 8 pairs. Set aside remaining

5. Lay your pairs of leaves on your wreath first, to get an idea of what order you want them to be in.
Then use RapidFuse to glue your leaves to your wreath. We only glued leaves to one side of the
wreath to show off the yarn wrapped wreath form.


1. To make your table runner, cut your base fabric into six (6) 2” strips, to the desired length of your
runner. Since our runner was 3’ long, we cut six 2” strips at 36” long.

2. Use the remaining fabric to cut 3” wide strips. Then cut these down to the width of your runner.Our runner was 12” wide, so we cut about 12 or 13 pieces at 3” wide x 12” long.

3. Lay out your long strips of fabric, side by side on a table. Weave your short strips through the
long strips of fabric. Either glue your fabric together using RapidFuse, or pin your fabric together
and sew down the length of each side of your runner. If you are gluing your fabric, place wax paper
underneath your fabric before you start gluing.

4. Once your runner has been constructed, lay your single leaves along the edges to see what order
you would like them to be in. Then use RapidFuse to glue your leaves to your runner. As your leaves
overlap, make sure you also glue them to each other for added strength. Make sure you place wax
paper under the runner before you glue your leaves to it, just in case any glue soaks through.

Click here for complete Wreath and Table Runner Instructions with cut-out templates.