How to Fix Large Holes in a Wall

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Accidents happen… and sometimes you find yourself staring in shock at the gaping hole in your drywall. Don’t worry! This repair is actually quite simple and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Presto Patch is a simple, structural, and invisible solution for permanently and easily repairing holes in drywall. It can repair up to 4″ holes in standard ½” thick drywall.

All you need is:

  • Presto Patch kit
  • Joint compound (not spackling)
  • Drywall saw or X-Acto knife
  • 6” putty knife
  • Medium and fine sandpaper
  • A pencil or marker

The steps are easy!

  1. Center the foam template provided in the kit around the damaged area and trace the circle directly onto the wall.
  2. With your cutting tool, cut along the outside of the traced circle. (Careful not to cut deeper than the 1/2″ drywall to avoid any electric, gas, plumbing, or framing behind the wall!)
  3. Test fit Presto Patch in the hole and enlarge the hole if necessary.
  4. Lay Presto Patch on a flat surface paper side down and apply a generous amount of joint compound on the paper and along the edge of the drywall circle.
  5. Insert Presto Patch into the hole, being careful not to push through the wall.
  6. Use a putty knife from center of the plug and squeeze the excess joint compound toward the outer edges.
  7. Once the paper is flat on the surface, apply a generous amount of compound and spread into a thin layer covering the entire patch. Let compound dry as recommended by manufacturer.
  8. Sand using medium grit and finish with fine, then prime and paint!

To see a quick video with these steps click here.